• A recent discussion, arising mostly from an article by Alex Russell titled “Doing Science on the Web”, gives some new perspective on how we can test new web platform features without repeating the errors made with vendor prefixes. While Alex proposes that developers register for experiments, some people argue that this is worse and is a kind of vendor lock-in that would not work out.
  • TheNextWeb tested iOS 9’s content-blocker feature and found that it simply blocks all clutter and ads that are normally displayed on a website. Because this is enabled for all users, it will likely have a big impact on the revenue models of ad-driven websites.

Concepts And Design

  • The in-depth article “UI Mechanics of a Date Picker” breaks down the importance of small details in that little UI widget on your website, the date picker.
  • Anna Yeaman has collected a lot of emails and created an analysis of “Typographic Patterns in HTML Email Newsletter Design”. If you’re sending email newsletters, then this study is interesting and provides good defaults.
  • Brad Frost has talked a lot about death to bullshit already. Now, he’s published it as a web project with an interactive demo. So, if someones want you to integrate an auto-appearing overlay, modal or fade-in banner, let them test the experience for themselves on this website.
  • John D. Jameson shares some solid guidelines for letter spacing web typography.